I Was Wrong

And never have I been happier being wrong.

Let’s take a look at how today started.  A really early lesson  and an atrocious mid term (and I mean ATROCIOUS, the kind of mid term that bends you over and…).  You’d think a day would be done after a mid term like that.

Well, it wasn’t quite dead yet.  Today had a lot left in store for me, in the form of a Euchre tournament.  I had signed up for this about 3 weeks ago with a friend of mine we’ll call Tim.  Tim is a very good Euchre player, and I… well, I really wanted to play in the tournament.  Actually, Tim asked me to be his partner first!

… although I wasn’t his first pick, as his first pick said no.

In any case, the tournament was a blast.  Tim and I lost 2 times out of 7 or so games, and we only BARELY got tied for second.  I’m not going to go into details, but a little play error against the team that needed 8 points granted them the 8 points needed to take the lead, when they shouldn’t have.

Although I am still a little angsty about it, I really, really enjoyed myself.  Tim and I will be doing that again next semester if that Tournament is happening again then.

So not only did I get a VERY close second(I’m talking 1 point here!), but I went to a friend’s house afterwards, who also happened to be the person who won the tournament.  His partner tagged along too.

At his house, we decided that it would be awesome if the 3 of us scrounged up his Magic cards, stuffed a bunch of them together, and made some decks so we could play some multiplayer.

Well, out of 3 games we played, guess who won 2 of them?


My deck didn’t even have a proper win condition.  All I did was beat people to death with little pests and otherwise attempt to control the field.

I’m so proud of myself.  😀

Now I’m home, and I feel great.  The mid term doesn’t even bug me anymore, and I think I’ll be alright.

I am not Mrs. Cleo.

Thank GOD for that.



  1. Magic is awesome.. I still got my deck that I make in the Kamigawa days with my Ink-Eyes, Servent of Oni as the key to the deck. It was Black/Red Burn deck with ninja’s.

    When I created it, we did a draft (open a pack of cards, pick one card, pass it on till its gone, open next pack etc. Each player gets 3) and we had like 12 people playing. I came 2nd in that tourney and it was the most fun I ever had with magic. Unfortunately, the place closed down and I don’t know anywhere else to play in Aus 😦


  2. So you can multiplay Magic? My only experience was with the 2-player Starter Pack. It also came with a PC-CD with a Tutorial, but after you completed the tutorial you could play a full game against a PC opponent using the same decks as came in the Starter Pack. I ran across a second version with 2 different decks that I also bought and ended up taking all 4 Decks with me back to Australia where the family had big 4-player battles against each other where anyone was fair game and the winner was the Last Man (or Woman) standing. It was lots of fun.


  3. @Tristan
    I remember Ink Eyes, but never used her. I was playing Tooth and Nail still at that point.

    @Capn John
    Yeah, I even have a Green White deck tailor made for multiplayer matches. Green White control, no less! It’s loads of fun to see everyone else’s creatures unable to do anything as my massive and evergrowing swarm of saprolings marches over their cold, dead bodies.


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