I’m Not Quite Mrs. Cleo Yet

From left to right, folks.  Not a Manga :D

From left to right, folks. Not a Manga 😀

So it turns out I was half right, but the half I was right on…

I was really, really right.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast.  Some people don’t eat it, but I tend to and if I don’t, I become ornery.

After a shower, brushing of teeth, and a quick check of my e-mails, I get to my Masterclass and Lessons.

Reason the First: Early Lessons For Which I am Not Prepared – Kinda False

Well, maybe I wasn’t, but it still was a good lesson.  Why? Because I have so many things that need work that we never got to the things I was supposed to do.  So maybe it was good by accident, but good nonetheless.

At the same time though, there’s now the looming shadow of doom if I don’t get better for next week.  Here’s hoping practice works with me this time.

Reason the Second: Theory Midterm for Which I am Boned -150% correct, with some extra asswhuppage to boot.
Allow me to explain.

We were given a practice midterm about 5 days earlier.  On the practice, I thought I did reasonably well! We had 1 hour to do a 1 page analysis and I almost finished everything on it, and what I did finish I got right for the most part.  I thought I was set.

Friday, 11:30.  I’m sitting in the lecture hall, and out come the sheets of paper.

Sheets.  Plural.  I’m hoping that whatever diety DOES exist will have mercy on me, and at least make one of them a title page and the second one the instructions.

Happily, this was the case.  Crisis averted I thought.

After 45 minutes, I knew that I had just been violated.

For starters, it we only had 45 minutes, not the 1 hour we thought.  Second, if the practice mid-term was “Watch Spot Run,” the actual mid-term was “Beyond Good and Evil.”  Twice as complicated, twice as many chords to analyze, and two surprise questions.

Out of 6-7 lines of music, I finished 2.

I wasn’t the only one either.  Loads of people after that exam had wondered if they had been subject to a bad touch.

If the professor doesn’t curve that mid-term, half the class just failed that shiz.

So I may not be Mrs. Cleo
Even so, that mid-term RUINED what good I got out of my lesson, and then some.

Here’s hoping my Euchre Tournament at 7pm goes better.

It’s not that the prof was bad at teaching, he’s excellent.  The test was the problem: it managed to sneak attack using a BARN.



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