A Precognition

Mrs. Cleo is putting on some years I guess...

Mrs. Cleo is putting on some years I guess...

I have a feeling.

That tomorrow’s going to be a bad day.

Yeah, I’ve got a feeling.

That tomorrow is going to suck hay.

In all seriousness, it’s going to suck.  I can predict this.  If I am wrong, then I will summarily apologize for the QQ.

So why will it suck? Let’s explore the reasons why, shall we?

Reason the First: Early Lessons for which I am not prepared
My private lessons teacher likes having lessons early in the morning.  By early in the morning, I mean 8 am, which isn’t early for some but it is for me, and that’s the point.

So they’re early, and they last from 8-10 am.  That’s 2 hours of playing my instrument straight, and doing a lot of huffing and puffing otherwise through breathing exercises.

The teacher is also the type of person to look at us funny if we haven’t got a run half a page long of really fast 16th notes down pat after a week or two.  I get the feeling my ass is grass here.

I’d like to add that I do not have these 16th notes down “dodgy,” let alone pat.

Reason the Second: Theory Midterm for which I am boned
One of my friends has a great saying: ask not for whom the bone bones, it bones for you.

Well, in this instance he’s correct.  I have a theory midterm tomorrow at 11:30, and I suck at theory.

To prove this point, I’d like to say that my first mark above a 70% was an assignment and a test that I got back last week.  Every other mark I’ve gotten has been a 50-60%.

Although this doesn’t mean I’m screwed offhand, I’d like to make an analogy.

If theory was a debuff, theory would stack and would be something that could effectively wipe a player group in seconds.

For the non gamers, theory kills; and I’m definitely it’s next victim.

And no, none of you can have my stuff.

I’m boned, I think.  We’ll see.


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