The Reading Week That Killed A Blog… Almost: Saturday The 10th



Saturday, October 10th
Ahh, morning.  That beautiful time of day where I can see the sun cresting seas of wheat(or buildings if you’re being realistic), when everything is still fresh and new for the day and the possibilities are endless.

That would be nice if it was morning when I woke up.  I skipped morning.  Instead of waking up to see this gorgeous time of day, my body decided that my sleep was more important, and it ^%$# that metaphorical shit.  So I woke up at around 10 am instead.

*sniff* Is that… breakfast?

Down the stairs I go, and lo and behold there is breakfast!.. consisting of last night’s leftovers.

Oh hell, who am I kidding? Pasta and ground beef for breakfast? I’m down for that.


Through some conversation, I learned that my dad was not only up at 6 am, while having enough alcohol to knock me silly, while going to bed at 2 am, and he has no ill side effects, but he also moved a couple hundred, 10 foot tall wooden poles.  By himself.

Why he hasn’t challenged Chuck Norris to a manliness competition is a mystery.

Also, we had guests for breakfast; our plumber and his son Josh.  Last I saw Josh, he was in grade 6.  He is now in grade 10.  I felt really old all of a sudden, and I hope that doesn’t happen again for a really long time.

In any case, my job (and Jub’s as well) was to take firewood logs from a pile to a barn about 40 feet away so we could put them on a trailer.

On the second load, this little adventure happened.  As a side note, I’d like to mention that Oreo is now safely with my brother Merv, but he was in rough shape.  Between a tooth infection, bad diet, and worms, Oreo was lucky to be found when he was.  He’s now doing fine, and on the road to recovery.

So, after playing with the Oreo for the better part of 2 hours, he went back into hiding and I got back to work, and by work I mean running to where everyone was.  4 acres later, I made it to a little shed in the middle of a field, and outside of this shed…

Outside of this shed was about 200 or so wooden poles.  Apparently moved from the barn about 1/2 a kilometer away.

Okay, I lied.  Everyone had gotten to work before me, and there were about 100 poles left.  In the time I was there, I lifted about 15-16 of them into the shed.  There were about 6 people there.  100-15 = 85, 85/5 =15.  Ergo, I pulled my weight.

If that made any sense, I’d be surprised.  I apologize for the math, but I haven’t done any since I quit WoW and needed to do some.

So we finished that job, which was good; but with my dad, there is no end to the jobs around any place that he owns.  The next job was to get one of the muscle cars out from the garage; the problem with this was that the car in question was broken and couldn’t move on its own, and the barn was surrounded by a trees.

Well, to HELL with pushing.

*up rolls a tractor*

Yeah, we busted that shit out good.  😀

Once that was done, we could finally get ready for dinner, but after all that we sure as hell weren’t making it.  Instead, we were invited to someone else’s thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet! Free turkey.

After a 2 hour drive, we got to the place with the food to be put in my face.  I could smell the food outside the door, and it smelled good.

Well, not much happens here except a flurry of introductions, greetings, and stuffing my face so full of food that any exercise I had managed over the past 2 months had been wasted in 1 hour.

Dinner ended, and I needed something to do.  Lo and behold, one of the children present has a DS and a willingness to play some Metroid Prime: Hunters.  Well, I’m down with that, so I played some DS with him, and then moved on to his Wii where I played Super Smash Bros Brawl.  Which I am not stellar at in the least, even though I am pretty good at Melee…

My best character is Wolf, although I want to be good with Link and Toon Link(Toon link especially because one of his colour schemes can be the outfit Link has in Link to the Past!).

After this, a few people were going to another cottage down the street to check it out, including my dad and Jub.  Well, why not says I!


Upon entering the already impressive-from-the-outside cottage, I think I may have had a “dear god these people have too much money” attack.  15 foot ceilings, windows the same size, oak flooring, a gorgeous kitchen, home theatre, and more marble bathrooms than a Greek tragedy.

Once I recovered from my how-the-hell-did-they-get-that-kind-of-money seizure, everyone decided to play a drinking game.  This would be all in good fun, except for one small snag.

I don’t drink alcohol.

Why? It tastes like what it is: rotten, old, fermented juices of some fruit or vegetable.  The only time I like alcohol is in my rum cake, and even then it must be very little or else I can’t stand it.

So instead I drank water and Coca Cola, which meant that I automatically won/lost!

Do you win if you’re more drunk or less drunk?

Either way, I decided that I would go and get some sleep, so I went back to the original cottage to write a little and go to bed.

Before bed however, I was accosted by the little one with the DS again.  After some “Wanna play?”, “It’s okay, I can’t sleep anyways”, some “What are you doing up?” and “Get back to bed!” from the mother, I was almost able to go to sleep.

The mother decided to ask about where I was going to school, which I told her.  It seems she went to the same school, and 1 hour later our discussion ended.

And by discussion, I mean memory lane.

At least I was good and sleepy by the time she went to bed.




  1. you wanna know what makes me feel old? when I’m at the daycare, and I’m watching the kids play video games, and one guy is having problems with a perticular level of Starfox for N64, and of course I take it and beat it, and the kids are all shocked at how good Mr. Curtis is at video games. To which I reply “well, it’s no surprise guys, I’ve been playing video games since before you were born” :-S


  2. Gorram Canadians having Thanksgiving before us. Seriously, the best damn holiday and you guys get it FIRST!?

    Any who, I now have an obsession to figure out where my MP:H game went to. Hell, at least I am off the Fire Emblem binge. No, wait, Ogma owns to much! *Fidgets*


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