The Reading Week That Killed A Blog… Almost: Friday The 9th.

Friday, October 9th
Raaah… morning.  That refreshing time of day when I get to glance at the sky, and imagine what ever I can think of.  Where I try to remember dreams long since gone, and think of new ones all at once.

At least, it would be like that if it wasn’t one of the days I had classes.  In fact, it’s so early in the morning that it’s still dark out.  6:45 am, baby.

So I lounge around listening to the radio, my eyes still trying to understand the concept of open and closed.  The talkshow hosts are talking about… bachelor parties gone wrong? Something about ending up in a jewelery store and setting off the alarm because he tripped into the window? What the hell? Who the &%%$ is that stupid?

7:00 am.  Okay, 1 hour until my masterclass(A group class consisting of me, 2 tubaists, and a professor).  Not a problem, I can relax for a bit since I live about 2 minutes away by foot.  I blink, and suddenly it’s a lot brighter outside.

Oh no.  &^%$ me sideways.

It’s 8:34 am.

Run into underpants, pants, shirt, grab music, grab euph, snag bagel, drop bagel, trash bagel, run out door, it’s raining? godamn it, run back, grab coat, run to the door… godamn it, my keys! run back, grab keys, run out and walk to the class so fast my shins hurt.

Get to the class.  The door is locked! I am screwed.  It’s funny, Facebook predicted my day might suck…

Wait, there’s no sound.  None.  Tubas make sounds.  There are no tubas behind this door.

What is going on?

Oh hey look! It’s one of the tuba players.  He smiles, says hi, and explains that there is no masterclass today, and no private lessons.

In hindsight, this was remarkable good luck.  At the present time, however, I was peeved.  I stomped off to the student lounge, and tried to have a nap; however, I would have no such luck.  The student lounge is known for a few things, but is notorious for being the death place of studying and the antithesis of sleep.  So I played Euchre instead.

Theory class, 11:30.  There’s a test today, and I knew it beforehand.  In fact, it is the reason that I was up until 2 or 3 in the morning studying.  This was going to be the worst test ever.

Okay, let’s look at this pulpy pasty prick of a paper, and see what I’m in for… oh hey, that’s interesting.

*whiz through test like a the Tasmanian devil on a bad day*

Well! That settles that.  Let’s go have some food! I’m thinking I can make some pasta…

*cooks pasta, adds sauce, cheese, chili powder*

Hmmm… delicious.  No goat cheese, but delicious.  Now to do dishes and…

*checks time*


*packity packity pack pack packity pack!*

I still have dishes to do…

*4 minutes left ’til I have to be at the school to get picked up.*

^%$# it, I’ll do them when I get back.

… in a week.


So I wait where I have a view of the street, so I can see cars coming and going.  It also happens to be raining.

…  I’m getting soaked.

*goes inside building*

“HEY! PHIL! There you are… we can go now.”

I could have been waiting inside the WHOLE TIME?


After some packing, unpacking, and repacking, I was finally on the road to the farm where I would meet my dad.  In the car were some people I’ve known since birth: Kris, Dee, and their parents along with their two dogs, Zo and Bell(Bell seemed especially fond of me!).  Along the way, I get to hear recordings of my Wind Ensemble last year(of which Kris is a part of, she is an excellent trumpet player who happens to be first chair this year), and in particular, my solo from the Military March in F major by Gustav Holst.

I SOUNDED GOOD! GREAT! AMAZING! Can I do that more please?

Got to the farm, and bid my chauffeurs adieu.  Realized my father and Jubs weren’t there yet, so I tried to make dinner… but not until I fed the dog something warm after he was outside in the rain all day.

Took some beef sticks, fried them in barbecue sauce and onions.  Fed my strange concoction to the dog, and he ate every bite! Now for dinner for the family.

I wasn’t quick enough, and dad got home before I could make my Ground beef and cheese cake thing(spur of the moment idea when I couldn’t find the pasta).  He took one look and was instantly aghast.

I was trying to thaw meat, and I was doing it oh so very wrong.

Dad instantly took the meat, placed it in a frying pan instead of the next-to-boiling water I was trying to thaw the meat in(it was cooking the meat somewhat, and bloating it).  45 minutes later, dad had cooked dinner.

Dinner was eaten.  Guests were over, more food was eaten, and laughs and talking were had.

Sleep was had.

Episode 2 will be written… soonish.




  1. It may not sound right but if you need to thaw meat you run it under cold water, not hot water 🙂

    For ground beef you could use a colander/sieve, and run the brick of meat under the cold tap while carefully breaking it apart. Once you’ve broken it up into smaller, more manageable pieces, just throw the while lot in the frying pan like your Dad did and fry it up while breaking up the chunks into smaller & smaller chunks as they cook. Sort of like a ground beef version of the very popular video game “Asteroids”…you youngsters have heard of Asteroids, right?


  2. @Capn John
    Asteroids? What’s that?

    😀 Thanks for the advice!

    I mean, layering Ground beef and Cheese to make a cake-like type of thing…



    1. Okay… that wouldn’t be so bad then!

      My first thought was “Holy hell, you’re having a lobotomized desert for dinner, and your dog is eating like a king.” Still, barbecue sauce and onions!


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