Reading Week Killed The Zombie Blog

I’m busy.

Posting later.




  1. @Alex
    My god.

    Being “Furst” has never been SEEN before now… it is as written in the prophecy.

    You are the Ultimate Troll.

    And you will smite your foes in unholy Trollage the likes of which have never been seen before, and you will drown the world in QQ and blather.

    After wiping the world clean of all the intelligent folk, you will then tell the masses that “You’re All OP” and they will all nerf themselves out of fear of your Furstian Grammar Nazi Hammer.

    Your clear reign established, you will rule with an iron fist made of rubber and small, furry mammals. Alas, your reign will not last forever as a freak hunting accident ends you, by means of buckshot to thine face.

    It’s a week long break you get at University in Canada. I’m not sure US students get it.

    I get 2! One in the Fall, one in winter.


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