Chicken Noodle Soup!.. IN A CUP

How drol! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn yeeeeeesssss....

How droll! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn yeeeeeesssss....

Being sick causes me to become inventive with food sometimes.  This time was no different.

I now drink chicken noodle soup out of a cup.

This was actually a PITA to make properly, even though the instructions were as simple as 1)pour the pouch into boiling water and 2)stir.  They forgot to add that the noodles had to cook in said water if you were doing it this way, so I tried using the microwave the second time.  I put in too much water, and it nearly flooded the microwave.

Well, now I’ve got it down pat! HA!

*slurps chicken noodle soup from a CUP*

It’s my soup in a cup!




  1. @Cap’n John
    Epic. The whole student lounge loved it! 😀


    Hmmm, EyeeeeeEEEEEEEESSSSSSS… The veranda would be… hmm… droll! Hah HAhhhhhhhhhhhh… Yes. Hm. Quite.


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