10 Awesome Things About Living On Your Own

1.  No need to share the computer.

2.  You set your own bed times.

3.  You can drink the milk from the carton.

4.  Heck, you can eat peanut butter or Nutella out of the jar too!

5.  You eat only what you like.

6.  No one tells you to clean your room.

7.  Speaking of your room, it’s YOURS.  No need to put up with siblings!

8.  You can listen to the same music over and over again without annoying people.

9.  Did I mention I have no concept of redundancy? Yeah, that’s something I can really abuse while people don’t live in the same room.

10.  You are living on your own! Ergo, you rule.

Of course, this is all offset by the dreaded credit card bill.



  1. Siblings, sure they can piss ya off and make you want to annihilate their stuffed animals, but I honestly do not see it as an up side living without them.

    It’s funny, I always think when I am at my house that, “Shut the HELL up!”

    Yet when I am camping, where I basically feel all ten of those things, I really am like, “Huh, wonder what the sister is up to!”

    Very, very odd!


      1. I guess that’s the glory to having a sister, she could care less about my stuff. Well not when I get that new comp.

        Must remember to make this comp sound really god-like so I can just throw it to her >.>


  2. I gladly sacrifice some of those things for not being tens of thousands of dollars in debt. However, there are some of those that I still get to do. Like the reptitive music…and drinking milk from the carton, but don’t tell my mom…she gets kinda mad when she catches me 😛


  3. I’m in uni halls and its weird, the combination of living alone and being together. Since we all have seperate bathrooms and pretty big rooms we have most of the luxuries of being alone, but when dinner time comes around its 6 of us in the kitchen.

    My favourite thing about living here is the bathroom though, no-more having to worry about my brother leaving his shaved hairs all over the sink!


  4. Stay on top of that credit card bill. I don’t know how reliable it was, but I read somewhere that the average American college student graduates with something like $15,000-$20,000 in credit card debt. It might be more now.


  5. Re: Lienna’s brother leaving his hairs all over the sink, my office bathroom is much like that. It never ceases to amaze me how people can mistreat communal property (like an office kitchen or bathroom) that they need to use on a daily basis.

    Sugar & creamer (powdered) can be constantly found on the counter, just minutes after you clean it up. Seriously. I’ve started a pot of coffee brewing, cleaned the sugar & creamer off the counter, returned to my cube to get my cup then back to the kitchen only to find someone has ninja’d the still-brewing pot of coffee, they’ve dripped coffee onto the counter, along with sugar & creamer, none of which has been wiped up. Even worse are the people who do clean up the counter but by wiping the sugar & creamer onto the floor. Yes, I’ve actually seen people do that, and no, their other hand is not at the edge to catch the granules; they just brush everything onto the floor.

    You do NOT want to get me started on our bathrooms, but hairs from someone shaving and not cleaning up behind themselves are the least of the messes I’ve encountered. I’ll shave in our office bathroom but I use an electric shaver and any hairs not caught inside it are wiped up and disposed of before I leave.

    I once entered the bathroom to see hairs all over the sink and knowing only one person in our office regularly shaved in the bathroom (as in every day), and knowing he never cleaned up after himself, I couldn’t help myself and I began bitching to a coworker present there about our boss. Yes, it was the boss who shaved and left his hairs behind. Every, single, freaking day.

    My coworker frantically gestured at the stalls, particularly at the one with the closed door, and I realized that just like he does every day, our boss had shaved then taken his newspaper into the stall. And he was still in there. And I was running my mouth off at him for not cleaning up after himself.

    “It’s a good idea,” I added, “I’m sure it saves him time in the morning,” but realizing a 180-degree about-face would clue my boss in that I’d been tipped off to his presence I continued, “but I wish he’d clean up after himself.”

    When my coworker left I cleaned up the boss’s whiskers myself (not to make amends, just to make a point) then I had my wash.

    5 years later I still work in the same office, for the same boss, and I’ve never had any problems with him. And he cleans up his own whiskers after shaving 😉


    1. Awesome! He should be okay then. Unless, being a Canadian technically a North American (being a denizen of the continent ‘North America’) it could still be a problem…at least it might be if the statistic wasn’t directed at citizens of the United States of America. But we knew that 😉

      I shall endeavor to remember that (and also try to work out how to spell endeavour…oh, it wants me to drop the u. Of course. Stupid U.S. spell-check) so I don’t risk offending Phil in the future.


      1. First, I’m really not offended that you use U.S stats to prove a point. The lesson is the same 😀

        Second, I hate the US spell check too. Lazy bastards, dropping ‘u’s all over the place. Aren’t they the U.S.A? What happens if they drop the united?!

        Third, I cannot believe that people are really that assoholic about the washrooms at a place of work, let alone the coffee room. Aren’t appearances important? Of course they are! They’re everything in a business environment!

        Oh, and John? You are awesome for being the social ninja you are. 😀

        Getting your boss to clean up after himself without getting fired = priceless.


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