On Which I Expand a little filler

Being a music student in second year, I had the option of picking a number of fun looking courses.  One of the most fun at a glance was conducting, and I picked it so fast I couldn’t tell if it was mandatory or not.

Needless to say, waggling ones arms in a hilarious fashion is a lot of fun! In class, we are expected to volunteer, and if we don’t we get bad grades.  That is motivation enough for most, and everyone in the class of 30+ people has been up so far, some more than others.  I tend to volunteer a lot.

This morning, we were told to conduct the ensemble playing a chorale.  For those who don’t know what a chorale is, it’s a type of music that tends to be slow, smooth, and clear of sound.  When I saw the chorale, I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit: there were people that needed to be cued (meaning told when to play, it helps when the conductor points to you).  This led to an insane idea, and so I volunteered.

I walked up, got ready, and put on my most serious of serious faces.

THIS.  IS.  CONDUCTING!! *pawnch*


My arms were at the ready, the class had their instruments ready and raring to go.  And instead of a beautiful smooth piece…

I conducted it quickly.  With noise.  And accents.  I was avant garde! I thought I did well, even if my arms were flailing everywhere… and the prof told me I did okay too!

… she also suggested that I stick to what’s written on the page, but that’s not the point.

By the way, this same prof is the one I have for my “Foundations of Music Education” class, or FMEd for short.  It’s a philosophy class, but with a theme towards music education.  As you can imagine, I’m having loads of fun with this.

See, with philosophy, I can argue.  Anyone who follows me from my old blog, and anyone who knows me in real life, would know that I love proving my point.  If QQ was a major, I’d be head of the department.  Beeyotch.

So I have fun with this class.  I argue, I pontificate, and I talk wayhayhayhaaaaaaay too much.  I don’t know if this is a bad thing, but people glaring at me would be a good indicator.

Good thing I can’t find my glasses, and I can’t see them glare.  😀

So yeah, back to the prof… she’s a very nice person and she is hilarious.  Why? Here’s proof:



For those of you well versed in mirror imagery, you all know what this says: LOL!

My prof wrote lol as a commentary on my paper.

If this doesn’t designate her as the awesomest teacher ever, I don’t know what does.  SHE WROTE LOL.

Now, music isn’t all fun and games: it’s expensive, and as any person with little money can tell you, money going away is depressing.  One thing that makes this easier is by having said money going bye bye by means of a little treat to oneself, and this… this is one of those ocassions where the treat was well worth the $160.

I bought a mouthpiece, and it looks like this.
Mouthpiece!What’s going to burst your bubble is how big it is.  It’s roughly the same size as this:

LARGE, BOOMING SOUND!.. itty bitty size.

LARGE, BOOMING SOUND!.. itty bitty size.

So yeah, I know I’m an idiot for spending $160 on a hunk of metal that helps me make prettier fart noises, but I’m a happy idiot, so screw off.

Speaking about being happy, you know what I’ve found out? I love grape juice! I don’t know whether I have been influenced (Phoenix Wright, one of my favourite video game characters EVER, is a fan too!) or whether I am genuinely in love with the stuff, but it is so… delicious! It’s not too tangy (orange juice…), it doesn’t make my spit stick (ORANGE JUICE), it doesn’ choke my throat (ORAN- eeer, Apple juice made by minute maid in those annoyingly tempting glass bottles that line the gym exit…), and it isn’t overly bitter (CRANBERRY! CRAAHN! CRAAAAHN!).  It’s a pleasent mix of sweet, tangy, and mouth filling.

I loves me some grape juice.

Also, I’ve ranted out.  I’m going to go snorfle a little…

*waggle arms*




  1. Your Philosophy class is exactly why I love my AP Modern European History class, the teacher encourages us to challenge him and argue our points. Although it is my second lowest grade class (We have not had that many Tests yet in that class), it certainly is the most fun.

    Math and me do not work together, all but like two of the teachers in my school just are not interesting enough in the Math department. Boring people annoy me really…


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