Chopstick Challenge

Once upon a time, last year around October in a res room about 2 blocks from where I am now, I was reading some webcomics.

One of them was called the Book of Biff, which are a series of one panel gags with some dude with really squiggly eyebrows called Biff.

This one in particular caught my eye:

By Chris Hallbeck,

At the bottom of the page, he had a blog post on this particular comic.  In it he says this little gem:

… I would give up using forks for 1 year and only eat with chopsticks.” -Chris Hallbeck

At the time, I did not own any chopsticks.  Well, now I do.

So I’m only eating with chopsticks now.  Anyone else want to give this a shot?



  1. Being half-Chinese (by marriage 😉 I’m also pretty handy with the old chopsticks, in fact my in-laws say I use them better (or at least more correctly) than they do. Apparently there’s a proper way to use them and a not-so-proper but easier way to use them. I guess it’s sort of like eating with a knife & fork how some people will use the knife & fork throughout their entire meal, while others will cut up all of their food into bite-sized pieces (while holding the fork in their left hand in a very awkward, unnatural-looking vertical position) then put down the knife, switch hands and eat with the fork in their right hand.

    Now when I go out to eat Chinese food if the waiter brings me a fork I’ll ask for chopsticks, because it doesn’t feel right to me to eat Chinese food with a fork.


    1. I HATE using western cutlery for anything involving chinese food, japanese food, thai food, or anything even REMOTELY related. It was meant for chopsticks, and I will eat it using chopsticks.

      Adds to the authenticity I always thought. xD


  2. When I feel lazy while camping I tend to take two twigs off of a tree and carve them out to be thin and smooth like chopsticks. Then I eat with them, for sure!

    Yes, I am quite a show-off.


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