Of Scare Tactics, Nostalgia, And The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, And Long Titles

Well, they are.

I’m a year 2 music education major, and I have a lot of work to do.  I shouldn’t even be posting this.

Needless to say, here’s some news for all of you: I’ll be incorporating the blog into my schooling! How you ask? Simple: by having  weekly musical features of moi!

See, I need to prepare roughly about 2 songs and perfect them a week, so I’m going to use you guys to scare me into doing it: I’ll be recording myself and posting my dolcet tones on Thursdays late at night.  Whether or not you guys listen, we’ll see.

Also, on top of the work, I’ve been having fun playing SPORE Galaxy Adventures.  And yes, while playing, I have been incredibly nostalgic.

Colemand of the Taster Empire

Colemand of the Taster Empire

Klinderas of the Hunter Empire

Klinderas of the Hunter Empire

Talk about a transition.

They might not look anything like their original forms, but they love it where they are at.  Colemand even has a whole civilization that eats the way he does! Plus, the amount of ingredients available to him increased to infinite variety, so he’s just dandy.

To add to this nostalgia, I’ve finally found the proper soundtrack to my favourite movie of all time: The Good The Bad, and The Ugly.  A lot of people think it’s slow, but what you have to realize is that in every second of this movie there is a facial twitch, a posture, or a thing that is happening that displays something important.  Plus, the last nine minutes of the movie? Best showdown ever.  Find a better one and you can call me Bruno.

Apparently that movie sucked.  I didn’t even bother.

Lastly, the title to this post was WAY too long.  Sorry folks!



  1. In 1968 Peter Sellers made what is quite possibly his best movie, ever, and it’s also possibly his least known movie.

    The Party.

    The subtle genius of Sellers playing a refined, almost naive Indian gentleman at a swank soiree intended for the upper echelons of Hollywood, a party to which Seller’s “Hrundi V. Bakshi” was invited purely by accident, has to be seen to be believed. It is pure genius and has been one of my favorite movies for over 20 years (since I first saw it).

    I’m not saying The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly isn’t good either, both are good movies in their own right, as are the Trinity movies, and I don’t mean The Matrix, I mean Bud Spencer & Terence Hills’ A Man Called Trinity movies. Those guys are great to watch, too, for a whole different reason. As someone who can appreciate the subtle nuances of TG, TB, & TU, I’m sure you can appreciate the slightly less subtle humor of Trinity 😉


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