Trust? Where?

Should we be finding this on the bottom of a rock?

Should we be finding this on the bottom of a rock?

I have posted this post before on my old blog, but I thought the message needed re-saying.  Enjoy!

People don’t trust on the internet.  This makes sense, as the information is available to everything and everyone with a connection.  From the best people to the very worst, the fact that I am a guy with brown hair and a funny nose is no secret to anyone with enough brains to use a search engine.  I don’t put up anything else of note really to avoid being hunted down and used for target practice.

However, real life shouldn’t be this fear laden.  You only make yourself available to those you choose to meet.  You can choose not to see another person, to not tell them things.  You can choose not to trust people, and to show them who you are.

But what’s so wrong with who you are? When I meet people face to face, I tend to trust them.  Mrs. Klin has pointed out to me time and again that it’s not a good idea, and time and again she’s been right; and me, like an Alzheimer’s patient, have a hard time learning this lesson of distrust and fear.

We fear that people are being dishonest, so we’re dishonest with them.  We put on a poker face the instant someone tells us they are selling anything.  We frequently tell small, white lies to hide imperfections in our identity so that no one can hurt us for them.

I have a strict rule with people: I’m honest with you, you better be honest with me.  I better be able to trust that what you’re saying is true.  I want reliable, gods-be-my-witness accurate information of exactly what you saw, did, and thought.  I don’t want lies to make things “sound” better.  I don’t want lies as an act of vengeance.  I don’t want distrust, ’cause if I find any I will excommunicate you so fast that you won’t know how angry I am at you.

I’ve seen distrust and lies do ugly things to good people.  People get sent to jail without a good reason because of distrust of the defendant.  This society prides itself on “guilty until proven innocent” but hardly ever operates that way.  The instant someone is arrested, they are “the bad guy”.  They didn’t even say anything, but no one could trust a thing they say.  There’s a natural distrust of the accused when there should be trust in the fact that he/she isn’t guilty, not until proven so.

Because of this, no one trusts the system either.  The system loses power in the people(who are the real power, after all).

This natural distrust is a response to all the rest of the natural distrust.  I want to trust you, I really do; but how can I if you don’t trust me?

Real life shouldn’t be like this, but it is.  It’s a constant game of hide and go seek where the stakes are as high as your lively-hood.  You can’t truly trust anything anyone says because they can’t truly trust a thing you say.  Preen-ups are a form of distrust, but some need it because they can’t trust the other half of the relationship.  Politicians, the people who run countries, can’t be trusted because they “lie” all the time(which they do, more often than not I am sorry to say).

Where did all this distrust come from? Why can’t we trust one another?  It’s so important to trust people.  Without trust, society degenerates into a frothing mass of cavemen at the bottom of a pit the size of Texas(but not actually Texas, so don’t lynch me).

What do you guys think?



  1. Exactly, I’m the same way with trust, if someone promises something to me I expect that they will do what they promised. I tend to trust people, which has seemed to gotten me into a wonderful situation with most of my family extremely disliking my immediate family.

    I suppose since that incident I have gotten a lot better. Although now, I generally base whether or not to trust someone by what they have done in the past. Seriously, when people say it’s “in the past” it does not really matter to me, not many people seem to go through a complete change.

    Is it a good way to think of people? I do not think so, but I can not trust anyone that is not a close friend/family member anymore so I guess it is my only option.


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