I Hate Money

Why do I hate money? Because it makes no %$#@ing sense!

Want proof? Take a look at this:
Photo 51This little stack of photocopied paper cost me around $30.  Why? I don’t know, the paper must have smelled nice before it was printed on, and the copy people wanted revenge.

Now take a look at this:
Photo 50This bag of rice has 8kg of rice in it.  That’s enough to feed me for a month and then some if I ate rice exclusively for dinner every day of the week.

It cost me 13 dollars.

Money, we had a good run, but you are insane, and I had to call the cops to take you away.  They’re going to take you someplace where you can get help, someplace where you can learn your place in the world and how to get around.

Bye money.  We had it good, but now we don’t, and now you’re gone.

$#@%ing textbooks.



  1. @Eldadres
    Sure thing! Can I have an order of Madness with a side of Insanity please?


    P.S I miss Yoggy…

    About as tight as a Butterfly knot I’m sure.


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