Changing Uber Gear

Photo 32Everyone on the planet has a piece of clothing or a jewel or a rock that they see as precious.

I had a treasure like that once.  It was a necklace with a metal lizard pendant which was cradling a small, deep blood red marble.  Red NecklaceThis little pendant was the most important part of my wardrobe.  My outfit was always based on the necklace, or the outfit didn’t work.  It was given to me by Lorelai when we went to visit the Zoo awhile ago, and I really liked this necklace.

Well, I lost it a couple of months ago.  The leather rope that held it up eventually frayed to nothing at the back, and I had to carry it in my pocket.  At some point, it left my pocket.  I don’t know how or when, but if it is reading this it’s likely laughing it’s metallic head off.

For those who thought that was long winded, the necklace was my most important piece of epic gear, if you catch my drift.

Yesterday, I was gifted a surprise by the same person, my Lorelai, in the form of another necklace…
Green NecklaceThis is definitely an upgrade.  Not only does it look cool, but it’s got all the right stuff on it!

This that point in the post where you learn a tiny little bit about me.

The necklace itself is a dark green marble being held in place by two frogs that are reaching for the top of the marble.

For starters, I love frogs.  They are(with wolves) my favourite animals on the planet.  I’ll explain why later, but know that these little guys are frickin’ awesome.  In addition, the green marble? Best colour ever, hands down.  My room(as pictured above somewhat) is entirely green.  If that’s not obsessive enough, you should see how I look in winter.

Snow Hugger

That's a lot of green.

Another reason why this is awesome: my zodiac sign is Gemini.  There are two frogs.  Could this necklace be anymore attuned to me?

Why yes it can! For our first anniversary, I bought Lorelai a silver necklace with a frog shaped pendant on the bottom.  The pendant itself was not entirely silver, but had aqua-blue glass patches that shimmer in light.
Glass FrogAqua and blue are her two favourite colours.  Green is mine.  She has frogs.  Now I do.  Coincidence? I think not!

So is this the perfect fit or what? I miss my lizard, but I can’t wear two at once…

Do any of you have a piece of “uber gear”? Something that defines what you wear and that you can’t be without?



  1. YAY!!!!
    I’m just so happy you love it as much as you do!
    and plus its nice to see a necklace on you again 🙂
    and..I totally don’t need to tell you what my “uber gear” is 🙂 that’s obvious! ❤


  2. Your right about frogs they are some crazy critters, hope they rest well on your neck!

    I almost always wear a purple butterfly necklace, I actually have 3 different butterfly necklaces that I alternate with but I’m almost allways wearing one of them.

    I guess the whole caterpiller to butterfly thing makes a good analagy for my life…


  3. I used to have a bitchin’ skull cross, cause ya know, I just have to show that I am a Priest!

    Then I forgot where it was, still do not know.

    And my room is green too, just a very light shade of green!


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