Christmas In August

Proof that we are insane.

Proof that we are insane.

It’s August.  Not October or even September, but August.

You can’t make this shit up.  You just can’t.



  1. All the Christmas crap starts arriving in August, -especially- those stupid catalogues!

    When you work in Retail, it’s even more noticible. We’ve already got “christmas lines” in… It’s insane!


  2. LAWL Yeah, I worked in a clothing store for older women, and at the beginning of the month, we started getting these sweaters with various winter and Christmas scenes… Like, ice-skating teddy bears and such…. *shudders*….


  3. Thank you for reminding me Phil! I almost forgot to get my chocolate for next Valentines day, I am very late for being early this year.

    Seriously, I know Global Warming is making the Earth all screwy, but I did not think that it was THAT screwy that it is considered wintertime!


  4. Well, I can kind of figure out the reasoning here.

    Everyone try to bear with me.

    See, in Canada, it’s always snowing, and there is only 1 season; winter. As such, Christmas comes at the 25th of every month, so books like this must always be on sale. Although they’re fairly hard to get, since everyone lives in an igloo, and the retail igloos look like all the other igloos.


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