It’s Nice Out Here

Well, I’m at the cottage again: and man is it nice out here.

For starters, it’s on a fresh water lake.  The joy of being able to swim in water without jellyfish and other dangerous sea life is great.  I’m hot? No problem: grab a suit and jump in.

Second, it’s a big lake.  As a result, any and all sunlight reflects off the waves in an explosion of sparkly lights, constantly shifting.  Like a music player visualizer, but more blue and white.

Third, the air here is incredibly clean.  Compared to where I live normally where the air can literally be discoloured on a bad day, this is the nicest air I could ask for.  It’s like the Ritz by comparison.

Fourth, the sunsets.  I cannot describe how pretty they are: it’s a full, rich sunset with all kinds of pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, reds… every red-like colour of the rainbow, every evening, every time.  I think that this place actually made the national geographic once for the sunsets.

Fifth, the amount of freedom.  In a city, as you all know, there are rules and regulations for everything.  No walking in the middle of the road, you have to shower before you swim(which can only be in chlorinated pools), and cars everywhere.  Here? Hardly any cars.  I could dance on the road.  I can swim when I want.  Where I want.  For as long as I want.

Freedom is the best part about the place.  The freedom to practice my music as loudly as possible, to play games, to walk, to bike, to chat, to swim, to do anything I please.

More than anything though, I just miss my Lorelai.


Still, it’s nice out here.



  1. Ah yes, my family has a vacation house sort of like that, owned by my grandfather, and my (deceased) grandmother. Though we have to “rotate years” because 95% of my family hates me (long story, lots of drama *sigh*).

    Either way, definitely loads of fun!

    As for the dancing on the road, pics or it didn’t happen, my friend!


  2. You must have fireflys out there. Back home in my belle provence, I would see fireflys. Out here, in my current home in the “New West”, I haven’t seen a firefly yet.


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