Weather To Be Or Not

If only it were this easy.

If only it were this easy.

So it rained today.  As a result, I am officially freaked the hell out.

Why? ’cause the weather is going to shit in a hand basket designed by Satan itself, express to the 9th circle of hell if you’re into that kind of thing.  If not, then an express elevator to Dick Cheney’s office would be about similar.

Go back 4 months, to April.  When April hit, I believe it was snowing for a few days.  That’s weird because snow stops in March, folks, not APRIL. April is supposed to shower.

Well, once April fell by the wayside, May came along.  May wasn’t May though, it must have swapped with August.  Why? Because May was warm, sunny, and nearly devoid of rain.  August on the other hand has had a 1/1 ratio of rainy and sunny days, with rainy days often turning into vicious lightning storms.

Lightning storms that, until recently, I thought only existed in myth.  Obviously, I was wrong, because those storms are literally ripping apart the sky.  Which I also thought wasn’t possible, but screw it.  Seems like Nature’s having her period and is tearing apart the sheets.

If you ever wanted proof that Earth is currently %$#@ed up, just look outside.  Shit isn’t as it is supposed to be.  The sky rains when it should shine, frogs quack, cats woof, and the world as we know it will turn into a wheel of swiss cheese.  The world is so out of whack that the next most likely season will be raining frogs, and then after that… locusts.  As if lightning and frogs wasn’t shitty enough.

So the world is going topsy turvey, the weather has gone on strike, and the whole natural order of things is completely and utterly gone.  What the hell are we supposed to do?

Don’t look at me, I haven’t got any ideas.  If I did, would I be here talking to you or saving my @#$? Whether you care about the weather or not, you better be ready to whether the incoming weather or we’ll be rather doomed.



  1. Raining frogs can and does happen, usually after a storm… so if you’ve just had stormy weather then don’t be too shocked! The same can happen with fish and birds, I guess locust could be plausible but would be pretty rare (for an already rare phenomenon).

    Now when it literally starts raining cats and dogs, that’s when were in trouble!

    That said I haven’t exactly managed to get a tan this summer, and that’s only partially due to my tendency to hide inside… also partially to my tendency to burn rather quickly if I don’t hide inside.


  2. You’re in Canada and your snow stops in March? Hell, here in Wisconsin we sometimes (though rarely) get snow in May. No one trusts the weather here ever. EVER. This year has been especially cool for us. Though I’m not freaking out about it. I mean 70s is way better than 90s with 110% humidity.


  3. See, this is my thought, the more we pollute, the more desperate the situation. And now that wind goddess lady is making the weather all crazy is trying to sign Captain Planet to save our world.

    OR, it is going crazy because I have gone DPS DK spec which is supposed to be Unpossible.

    I hope it’s the first, I want to meet Captain Planet, just to tell him how annoying he is!


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