Aw, What The Heck

I’m making a blog breaking announcement.

For starters, this blog is the suck.  I can’t seem to think about good things to write, my life stories are either boring, unimpressive, or just plain blah.

Actually, that’s the only reason, really.  I can’t seem to find it in me to keep up a blog about me, since I find myself… boring.  My day is usually the same routine with some extra stuff thrown in, and to make it interesting you’d have to be there.  Unfortunately, you can’t be, so this poses a problem that seems insurmountable.

Is blogging about real life my niche? I don’t think so.  I really don’t think I’m cut out for it, and this makes me a very sad panda.  Maybe I’m interesting, maybe I’m not; but I know that I can write damn well, and people like reading when I write well.  What I mean is that this blog needs a new focus; rather than a real life blog, I need something that will keep me motivated to write.  If there was one thing WoW did for me, it taught me how to love writing.

So, I need motivation.  I need a new direction, a new wind in my sails.

I need to blog about something else.

Or maybe I just need to post more often about general shit.



  1. Phil, Phil, Phil, what am I going to do with you!? How do you know if what you perceive is “boring and routine” will be a snore fest to the readers? You will not unless you decide to post some of it, right?


  2. The fact of the matter is that most people are “normal and boring”. What’s the point of any of the blogs? WoW blog or not, they are all the same: I have an opinion I want to share it or I downed a boss, just like you did 3 posts ago! I mean really, they are all the same. The whole internet is the same, and everyone is out here looking for something to set them apart.

    I mean look how much is copied on the internet? Why is there even a difference between gmail, yahoomail, hotmail, etc. It doesn’t matter. They are all essentially the same, just different formatting…just like blogs. Just like your house and the neighbors house. All essentially the same. I’ll tell you this though, the only person that can change it up is you, it’s not easy, and it’s not neccessary, not everyone is special and that’s okay! 😀 I love being a sheep in the middle, blend in, disappear, just do my thing and be happy with my life. I’ll blog to you about my little victories, not really so you can read about it, but mostly so that I have a log, and maybe you can share your thoughts.

    But Eld is right, post about your life. Tell us how you took the dog for a walk and saw a person fall off their bike. Take some pictures of cool stuff, post that. Post about your trip to Applebee’s and the steak you had there and if it was any good and how silly the wait staff is. I want to know if I should go there too. Talk about playing frisbee with your dog, or how the head is unbearable and then spin it into a global warming discussion so that I can say “global warming isn’t real” and watch people go crazy on the comments.

    We’re all the same bro. You’re still young and you’ll figure out what’s important to you. Until then, write about this life you’re discovering and how you’re thinking when you’re figuring out what’s important.

    Holy crap, sorry about the long comment.


  3. @Eldadres
    … good point.

    Speaking of a camera, I need one. *ponder* It’s be nice to take pictures of stuff I see…


    Twitter<141 words

    Maybe I was too harsh on myself… Thanks Pike!

    Maybe you just don't want to have to play the Euphonium, huh? Djoo think of that, huh? HUH?!



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