Stick To Your Guns

It's hard to believe that Pluto went so wrong.  He was such a good boy...

It's hard to believe that Pluto went so wrong. He was such a good boy...

Let me set the scene.

I am currently at the cottage, on the waterfront.  The clear blue of the lake is slowly turning into a strange pink because of the sunset, and it’s beginning to get chilly because of a strong onshore breeze.  I had just passed my Smart Serve test so I can bar tend a friend’s wedding, and was relaxing on the computer.

Dad then reminds me that my uncle Jim had invited us to hang out with him down the road that evening.  We decided that we should go.

By the time we got outside, the sky was a deep, dark blue and the wind was that much chillier.  When we got to my uncle’s cottage, we met with not only uncle Jim, but my uncle Mickey and my cousin Alex.  Everyone passed out drinks, smokes, and ginger snaps(I only took the snaps, Dad didn’t have anything) and everyone started talking about stuff.

At one point, the conversation turned to the end of the world, and the idea of moving to Mars should the sun grow out and destroy Earth.  I don’t know how, but it did, so don’t go asking.

In any case, when my Dad mentioned the idea of moving to Mars to save the human race, my uncle Jim and Alex both started laughing.  When I asked why, this is what they said:

“Are you nuts? Mars is closer to the sun than Earth!”

We didn’t have the internet or anything on hand in order to check this claim, but I was sure that it was Earth that was closer, not Mars.  I said this, and they both were sure I was wrong.  We asked my Dad, and he couldn’t make up his mind.  Outnumbered and outgunned(my uncle Jim is a very intelligent scientist type, he’s never usually wrong), I still stuck to my answer.

When I got back to the computer, I immediately checked for the right answer.  Who was right?

Me, of course.


Moral of the story is this: if you know the answer, if you know it for sure, don’t ever second guess it.  Stick to your guns, ’cause it feels good to be right when other people are oh so very, very wrong.

Did they have any idea where Mars is? It’s right next to the asteroid belt! If we were there instead of here, Earth would be so full of holes that it would look like a prepubescent teenage boy with serious acne, but backwards!




  1. @Allan
    It was really late. No, like take late… and then add 4 hours. Late.

    @Capn John
    That an awesome way to remember! Thanks!

    It’s not that we forgot where Mars was, it’s that they forgot, and peer pressure didn’t affect me!


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