It wuz da catz folt.

It wuz da catz folt.

As some of you more WoWified types might have noticed, I recently declared my return to WoW blogging!

Without meaning to hurt any of you, I’d like to announce that my return to WoW is a lie, made by me.  An unintentional one, but a lie nonetheless.

The explanation behind my little outburst of stupidity was this: a moment of weakness; but like an alcoholic or a milk addict, I shouldn’t be integrated in a world that is already dangerously close to me in a way that really isn’t “healthful”.

I was sitting at my desk, and I was talking to an old friend of mine I know only as Kordwar.  Kord, myself, and some other friends of his(I remember Glex, the other name is missing) got talkign about WoW, and I remembered how much I love playing that game.

This led to me thinking I could blog about it as a sort of “nicotine patch” for WoW.  This seemed like a great idea! I’d still be able to blog about my game, at least for awhile.

My blog, Slow Wolf, is a blog that I prided myself for 2 things: good info, and a spotless track record of decency and smarts.  I might have failed on the smarts bit once or twice, but Slow Wolf was proud to be an honest, can-trust-his-word type of place; but I failed that in trying to come back.

I wrote a post stating that I was coming back to blogging.  I was even cocky enough to think people would like that idea.  Man, I’m a %$#&ing tool sometimes.  I don’t even like what I did.

When I say I am doing something, I’d like to DO it, damnit! This time, I didn’t do what I’d said I’d do, and for this, I apologize.  This was an insult to a group of readers who have, for the longest time, been very supportive, friendly, and altogether amazing people.

To make this clear: no, I am not coming back to WoW, blogging or otherwise.  Although I will likely continue to read about it from time to time, and keep up with my blogging friends, I will not be writing on Slow Wolf again for the foreseeable future(unless I make it a gaming blog!).  I will not decieve any of you ever again.

I will not suffer weakness like this or I will quit blogging, period.  How’s that for an ultimatum, eh?


In any case, I realize that I have also been lacking posts.  This is because of a dead computer and a lack of a charger.  This is being rectified,  evidence is that you’re reading this.

As a teaser, know this: I’ve now seen a fire 4 stories high.  4.



  1. It was Glexarn and Blarr 😀

    I hope to make conversations like that happen more frequently. Even if we don’t chat about WoW i hope you still come and visit my vent. You’re a very intelligent guy with a great sense of humor. I guess as long as I’m calling you phil you can call me Duncan, (Kord works too :D)


  2. Damn it Kord, you almost had him… I mean /cry

    Personally though, I did not really think that you were cocky in your post. Maybe it is just me, but you really are not that kind of person who could every be cocky, at least not seriously doing it and not as some sort of joke.


  3. I saw your post, then the next day it was gone so I kinda shrugged it off as something you changed your mind about. But hey, you want an ultimatum?

    You stop blogging completely and we *will* hunt you down, there are a lot of hunter bloggers and we all knew how to track so don’t think you’ll escape us!


  4. Hey, people do silly things.

    What’s important is realising your mistakes, and fixing them.

    And looks like you’ve done that.

    Now, just keen churnin’ out quality RL posts, capiche?


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