Captain Redram: Internet Pirate

Because Pirates = Wenches + Treasure

Because Pirates = Wenches + Treasure

You know what’s a great feeling? Finding wanted posters!

WANTED: Captain Redram
REWARD: 600 Golden Dubloons
For piracy of the high internets, plundering “booty” of all definitions, and being a freakin’ pirate.

You know what’s a better feeling? Finding the person on them!

Or at least their blog.

See, the good Captain is actually a good friend of mine.  He’s my best friend, actually, and I finally convinced him to write a blog of his own! Being the data whoring pirate he is, he knows more about YouTube, Manga, and anything on the internet I can think of.  In fact, he’s the one that inspired me to do the Moviewatch posts I did on my older blog.

Except every post he’s going to do is a Moviewatch post, showing you his “looted” movies and memes.  Every post he’s going to write will be polishing a little gem of the internet…

And hopefully finding the treasure he so lusts after.

So go visit! Be nice to him, and make sure to ask before opening his fridge, and don’t worry about making a mess: he’s a pirate, after all.


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