Hello World!

Put it there, pal!

Put it there, pal!

Let me start by saying what a pleasure this is, to be meeting you.

You see, I’ve met another world a long time ago called the World of Warcraft.  You know him?


In any case, he was a fun roomate but not a very responsible one, so he moved out.  What makes you think you’re a better roomate?

Let’s see… your application says you’re “down to Earth and real” and that you are a big, well learned, complex but interesting world with lots of different places to see, people to meet, and things to do.

Well, with the exception of the first bit, World of Warcraft promised me the same.  What else have you got?

I see.  So I’m actually “living” with you? Is that the idea?

Living.  Living sounds good.

You’re in! Welcome to the apartment.  Don’t mess with my room, I like it the way it is.

And watch out for Gary.  He’s a bit psychotic.


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